Welcome, this is the new website/forums for the Minecraft Factions server, Ortheus Factions. the server is due to release on 11/03/2018 at 12:00AM for beta testing, we are currently unsure of when the beta season will end however we are anticipating around one month. Any recommendations are welcomed and appreciated.

We anticipate the beta to last for 2 weeks in which raiding will be disabled - season 1 will start two weeks after the beta launch season one will last for 4 months

Staff Positions
We are currently recruiting staff positions for a junior-moderator in-game and on the forums, any prospective candidates should follow this link for the application form. We wish all candidates the best of luck we will only consider sensible applications.

Server Information
Most server information can be found on the server wiki this includes all server features, rules and rank information.
  • Users can only register for a forum account ingame using: /register {email address}
  • Unless stated otherwise the server will remain in Beta while we test essential server features with a live player base
  • The official twitter account of the server is @OrtheusFactions this will be updated with any new features alongside this website
  • During the beta we are actively looking for any advice or suggestions to improve the server. The server should be fully functional by now.

Feel free to join the server, the IP address is: play.OrtheusFactions.net